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No matter how many you have had, every asthma attack is potentially terrifying, and the condition as a whole is a hard burden to live with. With the proper information, you can learn how to control your asthma and live an improved life. Read this article for sound asthma strategies to accomplish just that.

You need ongoing treatment for asthma because it's an ongoing disease. You need to keep taking your medications to control the asthma symptoms every day, and if an attack should occur, you ought to have quick asthma relief medication at your disposal. Consult with your physician and allergist to find out what is best for you.

If you have asthma that is not covered by health insurance, contact someone in a government agency, like a social worker. Asthma patients need their medications, and a social worker might be able to hook you up with programs to help you, such as clinics and programs through pharmaceutical companies.

If inhaler use happens more than two times in each of your weeks, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor about this and possibly adjust your medication. Frequent use may be a signal that the medication is not effective. Similarly, if you need to purchase refill inhalers more than twice a year, your medication is ineffective.

When cooking, those with asthma conditions should keep windows open to air out smoke. Smoke that results from cooking food can sometimes trigger asthma attacks, making it difficult to breathe properly. If your home fills up with smoke even with your windows opened, you may need to step outside until the air clears.

If you are someone who suffers from asthma, you need to avoid doing exercise out in the dry, cold air. An asthma attack can occur because your bronchial airways end up being cool and dry. Because of this, it's best only to exercise in a warm and humid area.

Understand what things make your asthma flare and avoid these things, or manage the symptoms. Some common asthma triggers include pet dander, pollen, and cigarette smoke. If you're able, avoid anything that results in symptoms of asthma or an asthma attack.

Replace or launder your bed pillows regularly. Use only 100-percent-cotton pillowcases and towels, along with hypoallergenic pillows, to avoid a dust mite problem. Dust mites are the number one cause that may aggravate an asthma sufferer and trigger an attack.

Don't panic when you have an asthma attack. First thing, use your inhaler, then wait 30 seconds and begin to use it again. If the attack you are experiencing starts getting worse, seek assistance. Ask a family member or friend to call for ambulatory help or to drive you to the emergency room. Try breathing in a paper bag to slow your breathing on the way there.

Never use a fan in a dirty, dust-filled room. Dust blown around by fans can cause your asthma to rear up. Open a window instead to get the air flowing.

Learn everything you can about your condition. If you know a lot about asthma, you can work towards fixing it. Keep current with asthma treatments and ensure you have the greatest possible care that you can have. You need to learn about asthma and the treatment options available.

Feather pillows can be bad for those with asthma. The feathers contained in the pillow could trigger the symptoms related to asthma and it could prevent your lungs from functioning efficiently. The same can be said for bedding; try to get hypoallergenic comforters and sheets.

You need to get a flu shot every year. Even if you're not affected by flu seasons, you should still get a vaccine. It is easy for an asthma sufferer to develop a sinus or respiratory illness, which can create serious complications.

You should know how to manage and live with asthma. Asthma can be better dealt with when you have the knowledge on how to cope with it correctly. The advice from above can surely help you live a better life with asthma.

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